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Can A Business Serve A Community?


When someone starts a business, he may does it for many reasons but one of the most obvious reason is to earn a lot of money or in term of business, I can say to earn profit. Whatever that person does, he only focus to maximize his profit. But we should not forget that there are some businessmen who not only do business but also play their role to serve the community. This way they acknowledge the appreciation of the community which they receive from them. I am going to discuss a case study over here. This one company has done some inspiring acts and proved that business can be done along with serving the people with whom you are dealing with.

The company I am going to discuss as an example is CoesterVMS, an appraisal management company in US, owned by Brian Coester. CoesterVMS has done some remarkable and kind acts to serve people. One of them is Louisiana Disaster Relief during the flooding in the Gulf region of Louisiana which left many people homeless and with no access to essentials such as potable water. The company took the initiative under the supervision of Brian, and donated 144 cases of clean water to the Capital Area United Way in Baton Rouge.

Brian is a kind of person who never forgets his roots. That is why he kept the headquarter of the company in Rockville, Maryland. He thinks that education is a must for every child in United States and quality education is not possible without better learning environment. He and his company provided cleaning materials with over 90 volunteers to help makeover four schools in Montgomery County and four schools in Virginia.

An American without patriotism is no American at all. Brian and his CoesterVMS always feel proud of being American. They recently partnered with Alpine Cares to sponsor a charity golf tournament to raise money and awareness for these American heroes. This money will be used to provide amphibious wheelchairs to disabled veterans. There is no full stop here, not yet and I hope never will be. CoesterVMS joins hand with United States Marine Corps in Toys for Tots program no recent Christmas and distributed 100s of toys among needy kids who otherwise can not afford to have them.

These are few of the many acts, Cesters used to do time to time. Its the comapny's vision that never stop inspiring and never stop doing great things. Be the best whether as a businessman, an organization or a citizen. For more details about above mentioned charitable acts, visit CoesterVMS blog.

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